“Strand's impressive first novel explores the tangled complexities of modern American family life, unflinchingly portraying the longstanding jealousies, grudges, misunderstandings, and love that shape family dynamics. . . . This powerfully engaging novel is enthusiastically recommended . . .”
—Library Journal

“A finely wrought novel about the back-and-
forthness of life, Strand's debut, set against a post-9/11, flag-bedecked America, perfectly captures the wearying efforts of that motion.”

A Midwestern family comes together on the family farm for the wedding of its younger daughter, each member trying to navigate new landscapes in a rapidly changing world. Over three emotional days, the past collides with the present, secrets are revealed, new ties are made and old ones broken. Deftly entwining the voices of ex-Air Force pilot Will Gruen, his secretly defiant wife, and his drastically different daughters, Flight paints a dazzling and unforgettable portrait of ordinary Americans navigating an era of sweeping change-and of people with only love to keep them aloft in an uncertain world.
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