In the zombie apocalypse, booze will be as fungible as ammo
Tin House, July, 2019

“Among the Gerrymandered”
The extremist capture of a centrist state
Pacific Standard, November, 2018

“Revising the Bible”
Evolutionary biology meets Adam and Eve in the archives
Pacific Standard, May, 2017

“The Power of Education”
Students lead the way to a greener campus
Orion, January/February, 2016

“Kurt Vonnegut's Okie Eden”
The young Kurt visits an oil baron's dude ranch
This Land, Spring, 2016

“How Jane Vonnegut Made Kurt Vonnegut a Writer”
Credit where credit is overdue
The New Yorker Page Turner, December, 2015

“Vonnegut on the Road”
A newly discovered diary of a trip west in 1939
Tin House, September/October, 2015

Electricity: some towns are doing it for themselves
Orion, May/June, 2015

“Meeting Their Match”
The government is building insect assassins
OnEarth, October, 2014

“Company Town”
A night in a NV brothel to ask: how wild is the Wild West?
Tin House, Fall, 2013

“Silver-Lining Playbook”
Cloudseeding sounds sci-fi, but it's on the rise
OnEarth, September 11, 2013

“Hitchhiking's Time Has Come Again”
It's safer than you think
The New York Times, November 10, 2012

“Haunt Me: The Scare Houses of Lisa Kereszi”
The architecture of fear
Time, October 31, 2012

“Troubled Waters”
A 3-part series on the future of water in the West
This Land, September and October, 2012
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

“American Isolato”
The serial killer as anti-hero, from Killer on the Road
The Believer, May, 2012
reprinted in Le Believer, France, Summer 2012

“Drive-by Truckers”
A new epidemic of murder, from Killer on the Road
This Land, April 4, 2012

“Holy Frack”
On fracking, earthquakes and spin
This Land, January 5, 2012

“Speed Freaks”
Seeking the car of the future at the world speed trials
Orion, September/October 2011

“The Hand of Man”
Where does an aquarium end and Oklahoma begin?
This Land, October 3, 2011

“After We're Gone”
The meme of the post-human sublime
OnEarth, June 2011

“The Economics of Estuary”
How to put a price on nature
Orion, September/October 2010
Best American Science and Nature Writing 2010 Notable essay

“In Search of the Wild Cohiba” with James Wallenstein
If you go to Cuba, is a cigar just a cigar?
The Believer, October 2009
Best American Travel Writing 2010 Notable essay

“Beautiful Ruination”
A town where core is the new green
Orion, September/October 2009

“The Poetry of Power”
Small hydro evangelists and their critics
Orion, May/June 2009

“The Crying Indian”
The fraudulent environmental icon sold cans
Orion, November-December 2008
Pushcart Prize, 2009

“Keyword: Evil”
The internet: our new heavy industry
Harper's, March 2008

“A Swamp Forest Grows in Brooklyn”
Dancing about infrastructure in an abandoned reservoir
Orion, March-April 2008

“Selling Sex in Honeymoon Heaven”
Niagara: nature's Viagra
The Believer, January 2008
reprinted in Le Believer, France, Summer 2012

“What's the Use of Pets?”
Why Americans spend billions on Fido
Orion, September/October, 2007
Best American Essays 2008 Notable essay

“Faux Falls”
Niagara is not what you think
Orion, November, 2006

“The Ecology of Empire”
Why Virgil is the epic poet for us
The Believer, February, 2006

“Against Connoisseurship”
Connoisseurship is to pleasure as anatomy is to sex
Swink Online, March, 2005

“Why Look at Fish?”
A skeptical look at the aquarium boom
The Believer, February, 2005

“The Age of Aquariums,”
Harper's, August, 2005

“Diminished Things”
Why downtown residents turned to poetry after 9/11
Raritan, Fall 2003

“Interstatia,” essay for Somewhere Along the Line, photography book by Joshua Dudley Greer
Kehrer Verlag, 2019
Mostly sold out, but information about buying the book is at jdudleygreer.com.

“Framing the Country,” essay for Out West, photography book by Kyler Zeleny
Velvet Cell, 2014

“Salvage,” essay for Joe's Junk Yard, photography book by Lisa Kereszi
Damiani, 2012
Buy the book at artbook.com.

“What Are We Looking For?” essay for Postcards from America, photography by Jim Goldberg, Susan Meiselas, Paolo Pellegrin, Alec Soth and Mikhael Subotzky
Magnum, 2012
Buy the limited edition book here.

“A Paved Paradise with Trees: Visiting the Tree Museum”
Orion, May/June, 2010

“At the Limit: Landschaft, Landscape and the Land”
Badlands: New Horizons in Landscape (MassMOCA and MIT Press, May 2008)

Swink Online, February, 2006

Passages North, Winter/Spring 2005

“Name of the Game”
The Iowa Review, Winter/Spring 2005

Carolina Quarterly, Winter, 2004

“Third Arm” and “Lucky”
The Gettysburg Review, Autumn, 2001

Descant, Spring, 2001

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